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An artistic classic vision for wedding and portrait photography that is always in trend. I have extensive professional experience as a photographer, friendliness and easy communication help to make shooting easy and comfortable. I help with posing, relax in front of the camera and enjoy the process. I speak Russian, Czech and English, and most importantly, the language of ease of communication and good mood. 

Personal brand photographer, portrait photography in Prague, Berlin

What is personal branding photography? Personal Branding photography is not only about business, it is a part of our modern world. Your photos represent you in the virtual world, attracting business partners, employers, help in finding acquaintances and partners for creating a family. What do your photos look like? Is this still a phone selfie? Best of all, personal branding images do the heavy lifting of starting that all-important business-client relationship.

Professional photo session for a personal brand in Prague, Berlin. Assistance in posing, easy communication, fast and high-quality work of a photographer with many years of experience. Book a photo session today. On a convenient day, I will meet with you at the selected location in Berlin or Prague and in a week you will look new in your resume, personal business, on dating sites, instagram and social networks.

Whom new clients and people will trust – someone who has bright, professional, open photos. Headshots, professional portraits in Berlin and Prague, art portraits, personal brand portraits at your workplace, assistance in posing  and posing ideas, photos for social media, photos for business and dating.


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Here I have prepared for you the best locations on the map that you can use when planning a wedding photo shoot walk in Prague

April 13, 2022

Are you planning a wedding photo session in Prague, Czech Republic? I tried to collect here the most beautiful places that you will be good to visit with a professional photographer. Wedding photos in Prague are amazingly beautiful due to the beautiful old architecture of the old town. For a pre-wedding photo session, it is better to choose the early hours of the day, when there are still…